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Fluxcon’s product range consists of electronic components for controlling electric motors. The range includes product groups such as frequency inverters, soft starters, braking resistors, brake choppers, chokes and mains filters.

Fluxcon is chosen by our customers on the basis of common sense. We offer the best price-quality ratio and fast delivery. Fluxcon engineering offers solutions based on common sense.

Simple solutions are often the best. Fluxcon strives to be open about the chosen solutions and is happy to think along with you to find the best solution for your process or application.

The products are brand independent. For example, you can also apply the braking resistor to a foreign brand frequency inverter.

Compact Variable Frequency Inverter (VFD)

The compact frequency inverter is intended for simple applications where V/F or vector control control is sufficient.
The simplicity of this frequency converter translates into ease of adjustment and robustness / operational reliability.