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The name Fluxcon comes from the latin word Fluxus, what flowing means. Flux is in the scientific history first used in “Isaac Newton’s study on fluxion “(differential calculus), The speed of which densities change. Later as well by “Michael Faraday’s study on electromotive forces (EMF)” who researched the force that a magnetic field can generate, followed by “Nicolas Tesla’s on study magnetic field density who used this theory to study magnetic fields. They were all intrigued by this phenomenon and conducted research with the aim of explaining, understanding and controlling this phenomenon. The usable control of the electromagnetic force, vector, by creating magnetic flux in a controlled manner in the induction motor is the basis of our frequency controller, the so-called flux vector control. Control is therefore also the second part of our company name. thought leaders of flux

Fluxcon, variable speed drives based on more than 400 years of science.

  • The Fluxcon logo is accentuated by a sine wave. The sine wave that represents the changing of the electron flow which is necessary to generate a magnetic field and to give the electric motor its mechanical torque.